Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

This is meant to inform you of the collection and use of your protected medical information.  CMGSS is dedicated to the protection of your protected medical information.  The terms of this notice will be abided by CMGSS.

Conditions in which CMGSS will use or disclose medical information: In the event of abuse/neglect, correctional facility’s inmate, workers compensation, coroner office, national security, military activity, law enforcement, concerns of abuse or neglect, health department, legal proceedings, director of funeral services, treatment remedies, research, human services, authorized representatives. 

Upon accessing CMGSSS web site you agree to its privacy policy.  Stop accessing CMGSS website if the policy is not agreeable to you. For all medical emergencies please call 911.  We do not deal with medical emergencies.

If you choose to register for service, your personal protected information will be collected at your discretion.  The intent is no sharing of personal protected information, except for legal investigation/purpose with proper authorization.  If you are seeking information, you can email us with your question or if you would like an appointment, you can fill out the registration form on the website and we will contact you.

We will never request any information such as your credit card number, username, or password.

CMGSS will use reasonable care with your confidential, personal information and identification on this website.  Information will be reasonably protected, however in today’s current environment it cannot be guaranteed.

CMGSS makes no warranties, malicious or intended interference cannot be fully protected against.  CMGSS makes no guarantees, the user of this website assumes the risk related to the use of this website.  CMGSS assumes no liability in relation to usage of CMGSS web site.

You can contact us at CMGSS: for any issues or questions.  We can also be contacted in writing at 3830 Rosemont Dr., Columbus, Georgia 31904 or by phone at 706-221-6776.

We are here for you.

*CMGSS: when used indicates CMG Surgical Specialists, LLC.

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